Double your skin care effect. Are these cosmetic electrical muscle stimulation really useful?

First, let’s talk about his cleaning function. Electrical muscle stimulation helps you clean again after you remove your makeup. Lay a wet cotton pad on the massage head of the beauty instrument and fix it. Select the ultra-fine cleaning mode. After a few minutes of circling on the face, there was a layer of stain on the cotton pad on the clean face, It makes me feel like I’ve never washed my face before.

After washing the face and skin care, select the nourishing penetration mode, and massage from inside to outside and from bottom to top. I feel that the massage head is hot, and the skin care products are completely absorbed without waste.

When using the firming lift, it is also a massage technique of massage from inside to outside and from bottom to top. Because it is a micro current, it has an obvious tingling feeling, but it is acceptable. It can speed up the detumescence during the day and strengthen the firmness at night. I like this function very much.

Eye activation is applicable to massage around the eyes by point pressure after applying the eye cream. The massage head is very close to the eyes, and the temperature is warm to help the eye cream absorb better.

Finally, apply ice and lock water to the whole face in Blu ray mode. It’s also good to go to edema in a cold morning, or try it to relieve the redness on your face.

There are also electrical muscle stimulation mask, red light and near red light. After ten minutes of cleansing every day, it does not affect activities, but also helps to resist aging and shrink pores. The red and fine lines on the face can be improved through it. Moreover, red light promotes collagen growth, and it is more targeted in anti-aging.

If you are lazy, you can try the household face steamer. Just add distilled water and face the face to the face steamer for a few minutes before skin care. The skin will feel full of water. Replenishment is the top priority of skin care. Replenishment will improve the fine lines, spots and oil on the face.

The above is my beauty electrical muscle stimulation. It helps you enjoy the effect of a beauty salon at home, and skin care products can be absorbed more thoroughly without waste. The most important thing for girls to resist is that with these instruments, you can get twice the result of your efforts in skin care.

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